The brand founded in 2017 by stylist Marina Bitu became known for executing an excellent work in fluid and romantic pleats that refer to the accordions so characteristic of Ceará, and for its sophisticated, contemporary and non-obvious interpretation of regional references and crafts such as crochet.

With two women in charge, Marina Bitu and Cecília Baima, it is a brand that intends to translate the yearnings, dreams and needs of contemporary women into clothes.

The brand from Ceará has the mission of preserving and valuing Brazilian and Northeastern cultures through design and practices that range from the preference for natural raw materials such as linen, silk and cotton thread embroidery, many of them reusable, to the use of local labor, in a fair and open relationship between producers and consumers.

In addition to her light and fluid pleats, as required by the Northeast climate, Marina Bitu is known for an original and pop interpretation of Northeastern popular culture, exemplified in the t-shirts inspired by the signs of bars and restaurants in the interior, which soon became bestsellers.

In 2019, with the entry of Cecilia Baima as a partner, the brand began to invest more effectively in its commercial expansion. The brand seeks to value the history and talents of real people, creating and producing pieces full of stories, with a unique design and the passion of those who invent, every day, their own future.