The customer has up to 7 (seven) days to request a refund after delivery of the product. When requesting a return, the customer chooses to receive the amount paid back according to the payment method for the order. In case of purchase via bank slip, the amount paid for the product will be deposited into an account within 5 working days.

Important! In order for us to make the deposit, the bank details must belong to the holder of the registration on our website.

The request for an exchange or return of products will only be carried out if the payment has not been disputed with the credit card company.

We suggest that you check the agency numbers and account digit (if any) on your card. If you have a joint account, the data provided must be from the first cardholder, otherwise, there will be a delay in the refund due to incorrect data. For purchases made with a credit card, the chargeback is requested from the card administrator and may take one to two invoices to be made.