halter dress

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.the black dress is made of chiffon. The piece has a single front neckline, draped detail applied to the bust, green and brown cutouts, tassel lace detail applied for adjustment, light transparency, mullet hem, midi length, fluid touch, back closure at the neck with a drawstring. with tassel detail and pepstoned finish.

.standard size with regular modeling
.wash the hand


Size: Bust: Waist: buy:
P 86 cm 96 cm 111 cm
M 90 cm 100 cm 113 cm
G 94 cm 104 cm 115 cm


ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ P ㅤㅤ M ㅤ G ㅤ GG
BUSTOㅤㅤ88ㅤ 92ㅤㅤ98 ㅤ 100
CINTURAㅤ70 ㅤ 74ㅤㅤ80 ㅤㅤ86
QUADRIL ㅤ98 ㅤ102 ㅤ108 ㅤ 114

Marina Bitu joined Eccaplan to be part of the Neutral Freight project, which means that all deliveries will have their CO2 rate quantified and compensated through forest preservation projects such as the REDD+ Vale do Jari Project, contributing to a lower impact on the environment.

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